CitymisVis: A Tool for the Visual Analysis and Exploration of Citizen Requests and Complaints


Citymis Community is an EGOV app through which municipalities listen and respond to requests and complaints from the citizens. As a result of the successful adoption of Citymis Community in several municipalities, large amounts of data are daily generated, which require analysis by the corresponding service departments. The intelligent analysis of citizen requests and complaints can lead to improved levels of service coordination and can help in the decision-making process by relevant authorities. Advances in dynamic visualization technologies and data mining offer the opportunity to develop novel ways of analyzing these data. In this paper we present CitymisVis, a tool that extends Citymis Community by applying specifically developed methods for clustering and visually exploring geolocated reports. CitymisVis allows to perform a visual analysis of the geographic areas more affected by different kinds of issues and generates navigable representations offering statistics based on the collected data. In this way, CitymisVis helps to understand what issues require urgent intervention and allows to adequately reflect the proportions of different problems.

Authors: Marcos Malamud, Ana Gabriela Maguitman, Carlos Chesñevar, Rocío B. Hubert
Conference: ICEGOV2017

Citymis Community is an ecosystem of expert applications for the Web and mobile devices.
Citymis has been designed with focus on the citizen, the communication, and the service operation for the daily operative management of Government units, such as Municipalities, Federal Governments or States.

The main goal of Citymis is a transformation towards networked cities that are transparent, participative, collaborative, and open to all their members (citizens, government officials, public agents, and service companies), where everyone can listen to each other in a digital, dynamic and efficient way.